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Check out the restaurants we’re partnered with and find the food you’re craving.

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Order food online from our easy-to-use site or app.

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We’ll bring your order right to your door, no matter how far you are from town.

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All the best restaurants in your local area are listed with RAD, including restaurants that wouldn’t normally deliver. Tight on time or just don’t feel like leaving the house? We’ve got you covered with an affordable and efficient way to get the food you’re craving.

Our Mission

We aim to bring you all the conveniences of the big city without sacrificing our awesome rural lifestyle. We’re taking farm-to-table to the next level!

Ultimate Convenience

RAD makes it easy to dig in even when dining options aren’t close by.

Old Favourites, New Experiences

Order food online from the restaurants you love and the ones you’d love to try.

Eat Your Heart Out

Enjoy the best that local restaurants have to offer, anytime, anywhere.

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