Frequently Asked Questions

-Not required. You can get it done from the application as well. Simply download it from stores, get registered on it, and place the order.
-Follow the steps below. i. Go to Login Page ii. Click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link iii. Enter the requested information and you will be able to reset your password
-RAD is used to order online food from popular restaurants and to deliver items locally -Vendor will list a single item or entire store products on RAD for pickup and local delivery by a delivery person for direct shipping to the Customer. -Delivery Person will pick up and deliver items locally to the Customer. -Customer can also pickup his or her order directly, track the order and see it delivered promptly and in real-time.
-Sign in and navigate to My Orders. -Go to the order details page -Click on Report Issue If you need further assistance, contact us.
-No, tips are not included in the order total. After the order is delivered, a message will be sent to the Customer requesting a rating with the option to give a tip. Please encourage our hard-working delivery persons and be generous!